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House of #EdTech shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, recommends the valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction and explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach along with the impact that technology is having in education.

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Aug 28, 2022

EdTech Thought (3:50)

You Got This! A Chris Nesi Peptalk :-)

EdTech Recommendation (8:33)

9 More Google Drive Tips!

  • Bypass the Gmail Attachment Limit Using Drive
  • Convert All Drive Uploads to Work With Docs
  • Upload Pics to Search Text
  • Reveal All Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Check All the Search Options
  • Color Code Your Organizational Files
  • Get Google Drive Apps
  • Quick Search Drive From the Omnibox
  • Block the Drive Spam

Featured Content (16:06)

Kirsten Thompson joined me for a conversation about Microsoft for Education, Digital Equity, & Social Media for Teachers!

Click here to check out the TikTok we were talking about at the end of our conversation.

Just Give It A Try (46:12)

Katrina Haynes submitted a voicemail about Wakelet. I previously talked about Wakelet with Tisha Poncio on episode 182.

House of #EdTech VIP (48:12)

Sarah Yunker - She's on Twitter to find new ideas and inspiration that will help her become a great teacher!