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House of #EdTech shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, recommends the valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction and explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach along with the impact that technology is having in education.

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Jan 16, 2022

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What is meant by microlearning?

What are the benefits of microlearning?

What are the limitations of microlearning?

Microlearning Best Practices

Which microlearning platform should I use?

  • - Microlearning made easy. Create mobile‑first courses, summaries, follow‑ups in 15 minutes.

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House of #EdTech VIP (26:25)

Anna Hanrahan - Following a 20-year career as an elementary school teacher, STEM coordinator, and Gifted specialist, she is now the Education Initiatives Specialist with Trafera.

Anna's goal is to continue to educate herself in the world of EdTech to help facilitate for the excellent teachers out there to do even better with the resources they have in their classrooms.