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House of #EdTech shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, recommends the valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction and explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach along with the impact that technology is having in education.

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Jun 12, 2022

Featured Content (3:37)

Meet Mission Encodebale's founders! Cousins Harry and Anna Wake are the 15 and 14 y/o creators of Mission Encodeable. They are both high school students in England. In this conversation we discuss:

  • What inspired their love and passion for coding?
  • What inspired them to start and continue creating Mission Encodeable?
  • What have they learned from their experience?
  • What is the future of Mission Encodeable?
  • What might the future hold for each of them because of this project?

Check out Mission Encodeable!

EdTech Thought (19:35)

Updates to Google for Education Coming Soon!

  • Create screencasts and cast to a big screen with Chromebooks
  • Adaptive learning enhancements in Google Classroom
  • Better interconnectivity and efficiency with Google Meet

EdTech Recommendation (27:43)

  • PDF DRIVE - Get access to over 78 million Ebooks!
  • My Noise - myNoise creates beautiful noises to mask the noises you don’t want to hear: your chatty colleagues, tinnitus, or even your inner voice when you can't shut it down! The concept is simple, works extremely well, and does not require expensive noise-canceling headphones. Thanks to its unique audio engineering, myNoise sets the standard among background sounds.

Just Give It A Try (31:10)

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Feedback & Shout Outs (33:32)

Noah King sent in a great voicemail as a follow-up to episode 201.

Check out Descript

Noah also hosts the Math Club Podcast.

House of #EdTech VIP (36:34)

Rick Butterworth - Founding member of Wakelet.