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House of #EdTech shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, recommends the valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction and explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach along with the impact that technology is having in education.

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Feb 14, 2021

EdTech Recommendation (4:00)

  • Free immersive video chat built for groups
  • Say goodbye to boring video calls. Get started in 10 seconds.
  • Used by teams @ Google, Facebook, NASA and more!
  • Break free from breakout rooms
  • Spatial audio enables multiple simultaneous conversations in the same space. Just like IRL.
  • Customize your space
  • Rich illustrations, interactive apps, and customizable environments delight guests and sponsors alike.

Featured Content (10:35)

What is Clubhouse?

  • Clubhouse is an invite-only audio platform -- iOS only as of Feb. 2021 -- where users can start conversations, listen in to conversations, and network. When you open the app you’ll find one spot to search for users or clubs (which are like affinity groups) you’d like to follow, and a calendar of upcoming events based on the interests you selected when you first signed up. You can see what rooms other people are a part of, jump around to listen in, and raise your hand if you want to be invited up to the stage.

What is the value of Clubhouse for Educators?

How I am using Clubhouse?

  • I have spent the last month mostly lurking
  • I have started to host rooms - One of my first was literally called, Talking EdTech while Waiting for Tacos
  • I am exploring my interests
  • I am getting the opportunity to listen to conversations and engage in conversations that I wouldn't normally get the chance to jump into.
  • It's like a 24-hour per day conference and really resembles EdCamp. Anyone can start a conversation and you can leave a conversation at any time.
  • Yeah, this might be trendy but I don't think I've ever led you astray, and I promise that you will get value.

Clubhouse Tips for Teachers

  1. If you can get an invite from someone GET IT! Why Not?
  2. Listen
  3. Explore ALL your interests
  4. Connect and follow people who are interesting to you
  5. Get involved and raise your hand
  6. Start a conversation

How are others using Clubhouse?

Final Thoughts

Of course, with any social media platform, success will come down to the quality of content. For people like you and me, the conversation needs to be practical and useful. Clubhouse is in its early days, and it remains to be seen what ‘quality’ looks like on this platform. Still, there certainly seems to be an opportunity to democratize discussions around education — at least until the same old voices grab all the eartime.


House of EdTech VIP (56:23)

  • Trish Hinchman
  • Technology Integration Specialist • Google Certified Trainer • Adjunct Professor in Ed Tech • Presenter • Learner • Wife and Mom of 2