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House of #EdTech shares stories from teachers and creators about education technology, recommends the valuable tools, tips, and resources to integrate technology into your classroom and instruction and explores how technology is changing the way teachers teach along with the impact that technology is having in education.

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Nov 6, 2022

Feedback & Shout Outs (1:19)

2022 House of #EdTech Smackdown! Coming in episode 215 - Submit your entry by December 9, 2022.

EdTech Thought (3:30)

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EdTech Recommendation (7:16)

  • Scribe Chrome Extension
    • Use the Scribe Chrome Extension to automatically generate step-by-step guides for any process in seconds.
    • Spend less time explaining and more time doing.
    • Scribe generates an interactive screenshot and text description for each step.
    • Easily share with colleagues and students.

Featured Content (8:38)

  • When It Comes to Picking Edtech, Are Schools Listening to Teachers? (EdSurge)
  • When your school or district decides to invest in and make a new edtech product available, the goal is to transform student learning and add value to their experiences in the classroom.
  • But where in the process do you fit in? If you're a teacher what, if any, is your role? And how much say do you—or should you—have in edtech decisions?
  • In a survey released earlier this year, the edtech company Clever found that 85 percent of administrators say teachers are involved in choosing tools. When the company asked teachers, more than 60 percent said they were hardly ever—or never—involved in those choices.
  • So which is it?
  • Do You Have a Seat at the Table
    • Is there enough teacher voice in the edtech selection process? NO.
    • Why? Well first, teachers aren't the people in a position to spend district resources and sign contracts with vendors. At a fundamental level, this puts distance between the companies and the teachers. #2...when it comes to purchasing focus is usually on the tech and not the education. So your tech personnel is usually more involved because the tech needs to work before it can be used to teach.
  • Striking a Balance
    • So how do we find that balance? A major obstacle is that teachers, and I've been guilty of this, don't always see the big picture and have that birds-eye view. Think data security, FERPA, & COPPA.
    • Schools and districts can easily involve teachers by running pilot programs before widespread adoption and implementation. Let some teachers kick the tires with their students and get feedback. This makes perfect sense because at a basic level people want to be heard and valued and if technology is just being mandated then, teachers don't feel heard or valued.
    • Speaking of mandates...that's not always the best idea. Making everyone use one specific tool isn't always what's good for everyone. Choice and options are powerful.
  • Who Gets a Say?
    • Typically it's people out of the classroom who have the most say. Sometimes that's completely valid. There are plenty of organizations, certifications, and degrees that can give a person the knowledge to make those decisions and have a lot of pull in the conversations.
    • But if a person is all books smart and not street smart - and by street smart I mean 5 or more years of classroom experience - then their opinion and POV don't hold as much water - in my opinion.
    • Technology can make a teacher's life easier but it will never replace us and there is no magic pill that will solve all edtech issues. So beware of those that sell this brand of snake oil.
  • Feeling Left Behind
    • Another key challenge is that schools and districts often make purchases meant to support all teachers, even though the needs of teachers vary widely by subject matter and grade level.
    • Hello Phys. Ed. Teachers!
    • Can you think of another subject area that benefits less from edtech in your district?
    • It might even be true that there is more technology available to assist a PE teacher than in any other subject area.
    • Could you imagine a Peloton lab in your middle or hs where students could differentiate their fitness based on their individual health goals and needs?
    • We have the ability easily collect health and fitness data but when was the last time the phys ed dept was involved in the edtech decision process?
    • We're leaving some teachers behind.
  • Collaboration From the Start
    • How do we get collaboration from the start?
    • Well if you're in a small school setting then it's really easy to get everyone's opinion.
    • But what if you're in a district with 12 schools, 1500 teachers, and over 10,000 students? Or a district that's larger than that?
    • Teacher buy-in has to come from the ground up.
    • Every content area needs to have a voice and advocate for its needs.
    • School and district officials need to work with classroom teachers and talk honestly about their edtech needs.
    • We have committees for just about everything so if there isn't one, there should be an  committee in each school that has a seat at the table and is valued in the edtech selection process.

What is the edtech selection process like for you? What role do you get to play in the process where you are?

Just Give It A Try (17:23)

  • Canva Magic Shortcuts
    • Letter B to blur the current slide
    • Letter C for confetti rain
    • Letter D for a drumroll animation
    • Letter M for a mic drop animation
    • Letter O for floating bubbles
    • Letter Q for quiet
    • Letter U for a curtain call animation
    • Any number (0-9) for a timer (1 for one minute, 2 for two minutes, etc.)
    • You can also press Shift + / or ? on your keyboard to open the Magic Shortcuts menu.
  • Twitter Question
    • Chris Lister () to Hey Chris, I'm a teacher-librarian in a k-5 school and a beginner podcaster with kids in school. Last school year we created an internal podcast, but this year we feel like we can branch out. What free service would you use when interviewing remote guests?
    • Zencastr
    • Podcastle

House of #EdTech VIP (21:19)

  • Ashley Gable, Birmingham, AL -
  • Technology Integration Specialist, DLP Coach, Lover of literature, organization, & crafting...Passionate about Teaching & Learning